AMPED ON YOUTH DAY 2017 - More than just school ties and uniforms

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Jun 16, 2017

Youth Day is more than just dressing up in school ties and uniforms. In recent years, June 16 in South Africa has become a fun opportunity for people, young and old,to dress up in school ties and uniforms, celebrating the national holiday with family and friends at parties, braais or local events. The SA entertainment scene is always ready with something hip and happening to celebrate this day and as Youth of this beloved country, we would not have it any other way. But what is all the fuss about June 16? Do we know why this holiday exists?

Well, here’s a short summary.

June 16 is a public holiday which commemorates the Soweto Uprisings. On this day back in 1976, thousands of high-school students took to the streets to march for better education. Students took a stand for what they believed in by protesting against a system which oppressed them and threatened their future.

Students came together as one, to make their voice heard and send a message.

The chaos which erupted on the day caused a ripple effect across the country in strengthening the fight for democracy.A picture of 12-year-old Hector Pieterson being carried by Mbuyisa Makhubu after being fatally shot by police with his sister running alongside them, was captured by photographer, Sam Nzima on that day. Today, that picture has become a symbol for us to remember the bravery and strength of the Youth of 1976.

We, as Youth in 2017, still draw from that strength. This can be seen in the recent #FeesMustFall protests which started at one university campus and spread across the country to bring to focus the reality of many young South Africans who are unable to afford to study at university.

The learning from the history lesson on Youth Day is that the younger generation have always played an important role in bringing about necessary change. As Youth of this country, you have a voice, skills and talents and there is nothing stopping you from creating the future you would like to live in.

AMPED AFRICA, a revolutionary Youth Edu-tainment movement, recognises the strength of the Youth and has chosen to do something to create a better future for entertainers of South Africa. AMPED has created a platform for young people to express and develop their talent through a never-before-seen programme so that the Youth of today can one day be role models that young entertainers of the future can look up to.

Be a part of the journey that has reached 200 000 high school students in 2017! 

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